Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I am back at school the big city lights and sounds are nothing but a memory and the sunsets and corn fields of Mount Pleasant have begun my backdrop. Lots to fill you in on so over the next couple of days i am going to try and place some posts on here filling people in. Camp photos will surface along with some photos of recent shots taken around campus. Fall is kicking and and so is my headache and stress. Whatever i will work it out and be fine. Hope I did not lose to many readers with the extreme break in posts because now i am going to be posting something at least 2 3 times a week every other day is my goal but we will see how it goes. So the first one is short and sweet but i have to head to class so this evening look for a new good post accompanied with some photos.


Monday, July 28, 2008

The fat lady is warming up!

Whelp as it is said all good things must come to an end. Such is my time here in New York. Seven days and counting down and I have really begun to look back and reminisce of my time here. If you were to sit me down a year ago today ( most likely it would have been in Meijer as I sat in the back room contemplating just walking out of the store and not coming back just to see what would happen) and ask me where do you think you will be a year from now? I would have most likely responded to you with a laugh and response something close to working at a golf course or anywhere as long as it wasent "Meijer or Sylvan Lake Rec"- the two worst jobs I have EVER had. Any who I am very pleased and happy with my first round in the Big Apple. As i have been told " if you can make it there you can make it anywhere" if thats true than the sky's the limit for me because as I have seen I have done very well in the time I was given (especially compared to a LOT of people I have met out here).

What I have been up to over the last few weeks:

Well i have been working a ton lately, whether it is with Phear or Assisting with Chris it has been go go go. Phear has been pretty slow lately with me only shooting stills for a infomercial they were hired to do. They say they hate doing that kind of crap because there is not artistic way to do it but they say it pays the bills so win some lose some. Other than that i haven't done much with Phear other than a little post work in editing and errands.

However Chris has been the opposite, i have had several shoots with him over the last few weeks. To give you an idea what i do is when i started for him i was an intern. After just a couple of weeks they promoted me to 2nd assistant. and even more recently i had a shoot as first assistant. Basically the differences are, as second you assist the first and do a lot of the labor work, moving lights, making sure everything runs smoothly, and that the photographer has everything he needs. As first however you have a lot more control. You decide where the lights go the composition of the photo, you work closely with the photographer and digital tech. Also your main job is making sure everyone else is doing their job and the shoot is running smoothly. So basically AKA- I GOT TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO. ahaha less than 4 months in NYC and i was running a photo shoot, it was so cool. Don't get me wrong i was nervous as hell, but Chris said i did fine and he was extremely happy with how the shoot turned out especially since it was my first time being first. But other than that just a few other shoots here and there including one tomorrow. Also i have just been told i have a shoot with Phear for the Johnny Cash work we are doing on Thursday so that will be a great way to end the internship. The parental units with younger sibling in tow will be out here on Friday to pick me up. The plan is to enjoy a few days out here before heading back, so guess who is playing tour guide lol.

A cool note of interest i was contacted by Humble Bob who is in the Coney island photos below in the hot dog eating contest
(The one with the glasses) saying he found my blog and absolutely loved the photo and was wondering if he could use it on his blog. I was so excited not so much because he liked it but becaise some one outside of family and friends was checking out the blog and liked my stuff. So the photo is up there and he gives me some pretty good props on it so that was awesome thanks to him for asking and doing. Check out the photo on his website on the link below.

Humble BoB website

Aside from work i have pretty much just been hanging out and trying to enjoy myself as much as i can before leaving the city. going to different bars and restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, i was lucky enough to have my really good friends from D Chi at Central Mark Garland come out to NYC with his dad for a short stay out here. both him and i went to some of the best restaurants in the city with the Park Avenue Summer on Thursday night and Nobu on Friday night. Two amazing nights that i was so fortunate to have and a great way to get sent off in my last weekend on my own in the big City. As far as everything else goes i have pretty much accomplished everything i have wanted to do through my tenure here, which is super gratifying. So with one week left to go in the Big City all i care about is wrapping up work tying down some contacts and making sure the family has a good time. I have thrown some pics up from various places i have been going and different things i have been doing. So enjoy and i will see you all soon, and thanks for keeping up with the blog!

Note: most of the phots were just for fun from a point and shoot dont judge lol.

My buddy Kevin and I outside McSorley's bar. A straight Irish bar that happens to be the oldest bar in all of NYC. You walk into this place and can just feel the history there its sooooo cool.

Saw these guys out by Harlem somewhere. They were pretty nice. haha

"Hello dum dum!" he was soo cool.

MOre to come

The greatest spectacle on TV ( and my favorite thing to watch on TV)

In my opinion football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, are all well and good. However in my opinion there is nothing truly like the spectacle that is the X Games! All my life I have just been fascinated with both the summer and winter competitions that showcase double back flips on a dirt-bike and 1260 rotations on skis. With the up and coming summer games this weekend I figured I would show some of what you might see if you care to watch one of the most entertaining things on television.

There are really two huge stories in the 2008 X Games preview. One the fact that Jake Brown (mega-ramp skateboarder competitor) who fell more than 45 feet to the ground ( see link below) will be competing in this years competition. This may not seem like a big deal until you watch a video if you have not already seen it.

Jake Brown video: (Catching up with Jake brown)

The next big story of the 2008 games is the extreme progression of motocross best trick. it truly seems that every year someone or some people show up to the competition with some outrageous trick. The bar was drastically raised with the introduction of the back flip ( yes a back flip on a dirt-bike). Then it became who had the better variation of backflip whether it had a grab or what not. Then just a couple of years since the backflip came to be the standard, out of no where Travis Pastrana comes out and lands a double back flip on a dirt-bike!!! Now this year there are a lot of rumors going on about new wild tricks people are hoping to throw down. Check the link below to get a sneak peek and some of the tricks you might be able to see in Moto X Best trick in 2008.

Whisper tricks: rumors in Moto X for 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Less than one month to go!

In the front row having an awesome time.

Living in New York City for the summer I was fortunate enough to see one of the most beautiful Fourth of July spectacles in the Country. The Nathans Fourth of July Hotdog eating contest. For those of you who are not aware Nathans is a world famous Coney Island which has been on the corner of Surf and Stillwell serving hotdogs for years. Every year on the 4th of July they have a hotdog-eating contest that brings out the best eating competitors in the world. However the real and only story is the battle between Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut. Kobayashi who has won the contest easily for seven or so years was de-throne last year by Chestnut. Reports say he had a jaw injury so this year was being talked up like it was Ali Fraser II. Also they lowered the time limit from 12 min to 10, this was going to be a factor in favor of Chestnut as he starts of big and Kobayashi tends to end strong.
A break in the action and let me tell you my cool story about my day there. I wanted to bring my big camera down their in hopes to get some cool photos for the blog. So I woke up early at about 8 and met my friend Kevin who would be joining me for the day. It takes about one hour on the subway to get to Coney Island from where my apt is. Not a bad train ride if the sub is not packed. We left so early because we wanted to get as close as we could to have good spots. However upon our arrival merely 2 hours before the show begins it was already packed. I have certain techniques that I have learned that I use to get into events or places with my camera that normally I would not be aloud access to. I was hoping to put those to the test there. Once getting there I went into sneaky mode and successfully attained a media pass for the contest. On top of that I was also able to acquire a VIP pass for my friend Kevin. So already the day was going very well. I shot like crazy in the just 3 hours we were there and was very satisfied after I was all done. Although a lot of the photos you see below are some of the best I had a hard time editing, really what problem every photographer loves to have. Accordingly I didn’t want to put everything up here so if you like what you see and want to see more get with me I have a ton.
So Chestnut and Kobayashi ended up in a tie at the end of the 10 minutes with both eating an astounding 59 hotdogs (YES I know 59 hotdogs with the buns in 10 MINS). So in the first time in the contests history the contest went into a 5 dog first one done wins overtime. In the end Chestnut pulled out the W keeping the title and the mustard colored belt in the USA for a second consecutive year. I believe the photos tell the story and I had an amazing time there. So many years have I bet on this with my older brother Tom and to finally see history in the making in person was an awesome 4 of July experience.

Whelp less than A MONTH to go here in NYC then its back home to chill for a lil bit. Then on my birthday I will be seeing an AMAZING concert with a bunch of the guys and then the very next day, very early I have to drive to Petoskey MI for Camp Quality. One month left in NYC and I am surely feeling the money pinch. I want to leave with some money because I have so much to pay for once I get back to school. However I don’t want to short change myself for my last month. I truly feel I have really pushed myself to get out there and explore the city and I am very happy about that. So one month left keep coming back for updates and I will try to keep the blog as fresh as possible.

The most coveted award in all of Major League Eating, the mustard colored bet!

He is a machine

The Tsunami

Thought this one was really cool.

This is George, he is the MC for the event and he truly is the heart and soul of the Nathans Hot-dog eating contest. Basically he does a lot of shtick in between and before the contest, "hes a hype man".

Pat Berttoliti "SP" was one of the main contenders, he used koolaid to get his buns wet to consume them easier. I got some on my shirt i was mad.

There was one part where Kobi had taken the lead and Chestnut looked over and knew he had to turn up the heat. He went nuts and came from 2 and a half down to tie it up in the last secs.

History in the making the first time ever the contest went into a five dog over time and Chestnut pulled it out in a photo finish.

There can only be one! USA USA USA!!!

All photos property of Patrick Siller
Ok thats all for now I am tired of uploading hope you like them.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The soon to be INFAMOUS B.E.P. story.

HAHA If you don't know ask me about it. The story is not Blog appropriate but here are the photos for all who heard already and want to see. It's not like its a dirty story at all. It is just much better if I tell you. So ask me sometime and I will fill you in!

Hello Mr. Emmy- " I felt like Kramer, when he saw the sunrise from Liza's, no not Menelli's.

The Black Eyed Peas suck and I hate them lol.

Little time to think

So since I have not been doing the best with posting new stuff while I’m here in NYC, I am making up for it and doing two in one day.

Well here I am mostly thru June and my time in NYC is flying by. I have learned a lot: photography, lighting, video, and mostly the business end of the media world. Coming out here truly has been so far amazing. One of my major goals for the summer was not do all and see all I could while I was here. What would kill me would be coming back to Michigan and feeling a sense of regret like I could have done more. Now I know I’m not going to do something crazy interesting every day but I have really been pushing myself to when I get some free time on the weekends or after work to not just sit on my butt and watch TV but to get up and go for a walk or a run in Central Park for examples. Recently I have done several things; I have gone to Coney Island, the Met art museum, and even a really swanky nightclub. Moving into the end of June and into July I have some amazing things on the horizon to look forward to. For one next week I will be attending a concert at an arena in Times Square with one of my best friends from CMU Peter. Both of us have been looking forward to this show for some time and should deal some good photos and stories. I can also look forward to some other guests coming in including friends from the old days in public school Kyle and Ed. Hopefully I will be getting a few more guests from the Maroon and Gold sector but prices for tickets and gas are high so the operative word is hope. As for this weekend not sure of the plans but hopefully I get some new pics to throw up. Continue reading towards another post and a couple photos.

This is on set in Time Mags personal studio. We were shooting some fashion stuff for someone, but i know it wasn't Time. Oh well it was cool and i got paid chicka chicka yeaaaa!

" Shoot The Freak": This stand on the boardwalk at Coney Island. You could pay different amounts of money for different amounts of paintballs to shoot at a live human target. HAHA I know right. Well anyone who knows me knows my paintball past so I was excited to see this. However I got a little less excited when I saw the prices and then saw the markers. I mean why would I pay for something that I used to do for free with my big brother Tom with both of us shooting at our little brother Alex Right? hahah ( Again anyone who knows my family can totally believe this.)

Ahh sit back and take it in. The B E A utiful beach at Coney Island. Plenty of litter and diapers off the ground to go around!!

You know how I do!!!!! No but seriously this is from my night out to the club. The other guy is Kevin whom I met through my friend Steph. whom I work with. These lovely Ladies were dancers at the club to i guess help make people want to dance. I didn't get it but they were nice to look at, sorry MOM people asked to see them!

Observations from an impartial intern.

Let me first describe to you where I come from. My home is located in the metro Detroit area. Although I have been in downtown Detroit several times for sporting events, concerts, and various other reasons I live in a place that is VERY different than Detroit itself. Now as far as where I attend school, Mount Pleasant Michigan. The easiest way to describe MTP, is basically like a recipe; take four parts farming, two parts college town, one part food joints, four parts bars, and add a Indian reservation with a casino resort. Mix it all together and you get Mount Pleasant The Chippewa area.

So my whole point is it is VASTLY different than NYC. Naturally coming into such an amazing city I have noticed several things towards this city that you can only experience first hand.

The stereotype that NYC is full of people who don’t care about you and are complete jerks is still true. However I was utterly surprised and impressed with how may people combating that there are. I have met so many people in this city who are so unbelievably nice and accommodating, it has southern hospitality getting a run for its money. Accordingly the feeling that a lot of people talked about post 911, about the feeling of pride for the city and being a New Yorker can still be felt through out the city.

Learning a second language is REALLY important. Considering it seems that more than 75% of the city don’t use English as their primary language.

It truly feels like this city never sleeps. Honestly I think the only way you can truly feel this is to live here for some time. Just walking down the streets it is just go go go.

If you have a passion for the arts you are in good company. More and more people everyday are doing or trying to sell you some form of artistic expression. Jewelry, music, comedy, painting, clothing etc., it goes on and on. This is the Mecca of artistic expression.

The notion that NYC has some of the best pizza places is completely TRUE, I prefer Bens Pizza.

Frankly I am just going to stop listing them right there. Frankly this is just such an amazing city and I have been blessed to work and live here for even this short time. I will urge all to at least take a trip here. New York really is the greatest city in the world.

More observations and Clips and Scripts from the intern to come thank you to all who is reading.

Nathans is an American institution; the hot dogs of the original Coney Island are amazing. And I will be there with camera in hand for the hot dog eating contest on the 4 of July!

This was one of the kids I went to Coney Island with who was a relative of my neighbors Ryan and Kate. He loved his experience, obviously.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making Waves

Whelp into my fifth week in the Big City and I can honestly say that I feel pretty comfortable here. I was on a subway yesterday and to guys just started yelling and then fist fighting right next to me and I didn’t even care, Ahhh what this city can do to ones nerves. So since I have gotten out here for my original internship I have on top of that lined up yet another internship through a photographer here in the city named Chris Militscher, check him out he’s sweet. I started off as a bitch grunt basically just doing what I was told and running around. I fought through it and now have recently been promoted to 2nd assistant and NOW WILL BE GETTING SOME PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I don’t really know how much this is going to be but its some income and that’s huge for me right now. I got a phone call from them telling me how impressed they were with my drive, knowledge and ability. So that has made my week; honestly now im a little nervous because they are starting to ask me to do more days and im worried about pissing the boys from Phear off so we will see how it goes. To be fair everyone at Phear has been very supportive with me busting my ass getting another gig or two and have said to just make the most of my time here, so I’m trying to do just that.
Speaking of that I worked for Chris yesterday in some Penthouse apartment near midtown. This place was pretty awesome, outside garden 30,000 dinning room table very cool. We were shooting some fashion for Samsung and their new phone coming out in July that is supposed to rival the Iphone. I have included a couple pics from the cool apartment just to have a couple images with this post. Tomorrow I was asked to work for them again but from what I am told it will be mostly in the studio, so that will be a cool change of pace.
This weekend I shall be going to the Hamptons. I am going out with Phear and we are going to be shooting a pilot for a show about these rich women throwing this lavish tea party’s and inviting these important people to the party’s. Im looking forward to getting a taste of the REDICLOUS good life and who knows maybe I will run into the Olson twins or something lol. So expect to see some cool photos from that soon.
Other than that not much else really hoping to line up some people to come visit me and hang out. If not no biggie just having a great time here and looking forward to making some cash here soon.



Monday, June 2, 2008

Working hard

1. This photo was of Ground Zero, the location of the World Trade Center.

2. This was taken when I went and visited Central Park. A very cool place to hang out.

2. Finally this picture was when I made a visit to Times Square.

A couple new things over the last week. While I was in a store of my specific interest a little while back I got to talking with the guy siting at the counter. I talked to him about what I was doing in NYC and what i was hoping to accomplish and he seemed to be impressed; he then gave me then name and number of a buddy of his who is a fashion photographer in town. After calling him and telling him the same story i was invited to come to a shoot of his and help out. So on last Friday i went on this fashion shoot and did a bunch of production assistant work. by the end of the day i had a seconded internship for myself for the summer as they asked me to stay on. So that was some good news.

Over the weekend I did some touristy stuff. One of which was going to ground zero. Needless to say it was not really what I had expected. While down there the whole area had a very touristy feel to all of it. It was just a very weird feeling all together. Although I am glad I took the time to go pay respects, as I think everyone should do if and when they do go to NYC for the first time since the attack. I also went to mass on Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathedral which was awesome.

Other than that not much else going on just working and running around trying not to take any day for granted. Tonight you will find me at Off the Wagon the bar right next to my apt. cheering on the WINGS and watching them hoist Lord Stanley's cup.
New posts to come.



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1:This is one of the shots from the Fashion show night. Frankly it was the only one i really liked out of the whole mess. I had plenty of good ones but most were straight on fashion shots. I moved towards the end of the show and got a different vantage point and got this angle.
2-3 : So I did it i went to the number one thing i was looking forward to see in NYC. Now i know how big of a nerd this makes me but I DONT CARE ITS FREAKING COOL!!!!! I went to the Fire house that was used in the filming of the movie Ghostbuster 1 & 2. I mean i was walking up to it and i got goose bumps. thats one of my favorite movies and its like seeing something like Jaws at Universal or something you like from one of your movies. Well i thought it was cool. It is still a working fire house and infact while i was standing right there they went on a call and i got to see the sign with the ghost used in the movie that hung on the side of the building, i have a photo of that but these were better.

So here I am going into my third week in the Big Apple and it has gotten a lot better, not that it wasn’t good before but I feel that I am falling into my spot here and I am feeling a lot more comfortable. My new roommates have arrived and have added a certain flavor to the apartment haha. Both are very nice and have been very helpful even in the short time of them being here.
The one thing that continues to bother me through this move is how hard it is to meet new people. I feel like the new kid in my 2nd grade class sitting by himself at lunch. Not quit Steven Glansberry but almost haha ( That’s a movie reference for those who don’t know). I mean it is hard but I will get there.
So the big question: what have I been doing????

Well At work since the high school fashion stuff has been shot I have firmly assumed the role as the “ INTERN” or gopher ( go for this) get it. I mostly have been running errands and dropping things off to clients. I really don’t mind this at all right now simply because im just going around the whole area on and off the island to various people in the business seeing new areas and collecting more and more business cards for myself and future opportunities. I have recently gone to the MTV building seen in the pics of Times square to drop off episodes of “ Damien’s other show” a web series we do for MTV with the guy from TRL. You can find them on and there actually pretty funny. I also have gone to Brooklyn and much much more. OOOOO and I also inventoried and labeled all of their equipment ooOoOOO lol. Let me say this NOW so that all my uncles reading and all others, I AM NOT BITCHING OR COMPLAING!!!! I am well aware that this is normal. As I said above I liked doing the errands for now. I realize this is how you get into the BIZ. ANY WAY back to the action; Recently I have just started a cool new project for scouting locations for a new project we are pitching soon. The project is with Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live. Basically its another web series thing were she will interview woman who are really high up in their fields I.E. an astronaut or something. What they want is for it to be done in a area bar or pub with a stage and a band. This is where I come in I am running around Manhattan right now going into bars snapping pics and talking to owners and hopefully setting up possible locations. So I think that is pretty cool. Again it gets me out there to new places meeting new people exploring the world. So that’s pretty much work. The two other interns come soon so im hoping there cool and looking to go out every now and then.

Out of work I am pretty much still in the exploring stage. Although I had a pretty cool weekend. Friday night I went out with Ashley who is a friend of my cousin Ashley. We met up and went to a bar right next to my place that is awesome. I have already gotten to know most of the bartenders ( I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing). But we hung there had some drinks and cheered on the WINGS TO A GAME WON W. Saturday I went to the Czech and Polish fair outdoor beer garden thing in Astoria. It was a lot of fun going with my roommates neighbors and their friends. It was a bit weird being there with some of the people i was there with but like I said it all adds to the New York Experience. And Sunday I went out exploring again looked at some cool art and walked around a bunch. When I came here I want to leave with some really cool stuff to come home with. Some things I can always have to remember my time here. Since some things I had wanted to get are falling out of the picture now I think some clothes and some cool art are looking like the best options we will see.

So I have decided that I am going to try and post on this as much as I can. The postings will obviously get smaller than this but they will keep coming so keep looking back. And I am really liking the few comments I have been getting so feel free to leave them.

Oh as far as pictures go these are just some i have been snaping either from my good camera or my point and shoot.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally!!!! ( NYC the first report)

1. This is a view from the top of the Empire State building, my dad and i went before he took off for home.

2. This is MacDougal street, the street with a ton of really cool bars, shops oh yea and my apartment!

3. this is 6 Av. the Avenue of Americas, Phear Creative where I work is located here

4. These are two of the girls who go to the high school where i am shooting.

5. This was taken at the high school during rehearsal for their senior fashion show.

Whelp I am finally in NYC; after a very long apartment searching process and a lot of work I am living and working a internship in the Big Apple. If you don't already know I am working for a company called Phear Creative. They are a sweet video production company off of 6 Av.
After a very long and excruciating apartment search I finally found a place with two other people off of Macdougal street. The neighborhood is awesome and there is soooo much of so many different things from bars, shops (good and bad), and food. I cant say enough about where I live it is such a cool area and a lot of fun. As far as the apartment goes I will say this, I was not to happy when I first walked in. My first thought was wow I am paying even more money to live in another fraternity house. But after some work cleaning and some homing it up and making I my own it will definitely get the job done. As far as the roommates go there is one guy and one girl who both work as makeup artists together. Masako is this little asian girl who is adorable but doesn't speak a lot of english (or at least to me) and Joey is this super nice guy whom i have not met in person yet due to he is in FL shooting the new Macy's catalogue. Oh and there is this little kitty meow named Moochie ( Japanese for ice-cream) walking around and craving attention.

The first couple of days of work were really cool. We were on a shoot at a speciality High School in NYC designed just for kids who want to go into Fashion and modeling. Apparently these kids apply to get in and once they do they go through their normal high school classes but have all these others that are specific for the fashion industry. Let me tell you once walking into this high school you can tell. Some of these kids look and dress better than any high school I have ever seen. The kids were super cool and very friendly. Brian (one of my bosses) and I had this conversation with one of them about sneakers. She had talked about how this school was so different than all others in NYC in how you will see someone wearing Jordans talking to some on in Converse. I couldn't believe it, how in many schools around NYC this doesn't happen. So for two days myself my three bosses (Brian who hired me, Elliot, and Casey " who is like RJ Burr's older brother its really freaky") Roy another young guy who works for Phear in post production and Mike a hired photographer, shot all of the pre performance stuff leading up to the show which goes on tonight and next Wednesday. Now we wont be there tonight but next Wednesday is the industry show where a lot of alumni small time and big time in the industry come and see the fashion show. It has a red carpet and everything. Another cool little thing that happened to me already is i will be shooting the red carpet event for publications and have a publicist with me. So thats awesome i broke into the industry on the 2nd say of working haha not really but its cool to think of. So during the shoot I shot video a bunch of stills, ran errands got kids for interviews and was your basic intern.

Well thats about all that has happened so far. I am thinking about doing some touristy stuff this weekend but above all else relaxing and simply walking around getting to know the city. I would love to hear from any one so give me a call or drop me a line and say hey. Thanks for reading more notes and pics to come.

These are some of the pics from the first shoots at the high school.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fabby Fabulous

So we had a concert in Kelly Shorts stadium over the weekend. The main headliners were supposed to be Fabulous and One republic. I knew Faby fab from a few of his songs but I wasent really familiar with One Rep. Well it was a good thing i wasent because they dident even go on stage. Apparently the guitarist cut his Achilles tendon while playing Bball ha there was probibly a lot of blood lol.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More to come

This has just been the craziest week with everything going on and on top of tha being sick. So i will really get going on this thing here soon, i mean if any one cares right lol. Soo more to come all 2 of you out ther stay tuned.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going to try and get this thing going.

So here it is i am making my first actual post. To let everyone know i have recently just received an internship in NYC. I am FREAKING out it is going to be so much fun and hopefully educational. So any one out there that wants to come visit let me know. From now on i am going to try and post some of my work that I i have been doing. Just a week or so ago i was in St. Louis for the NCAA wrestling Nationals meet. So i guess i will start with photos from that and post some regularly. To see a good chunk of images just go to and look around for the photo albums some where in the wrestling area. So here it goes im going to try and keep this thing going now wish me luck lol.