Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making Waves

Whelp into my fifth week in the Big City and I can honestly say that I feel pretty comfortable here. I was on a subway yesterday and to guys just started yelling and then fist fighting right next to me and I didn’t even care, Ahhh what this city can do to ones nerves. So since I have gotten out here for my original internship I have on top of that lined up yet another internship through a photographer here in the city named Chris Militscher, check him out he’s sweet. I started off as a bitch grunt basically just doing what I was told and running around. I fought through it and now have recently been promoted to 2nd assistant and NOW WILL BE GETTING SOME PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I don’t really know how much this is going to be but its some income and that’s huge for me right now. I got a phone call from them telling me how impressed they were with my drive, knowledge and ability. So that has made my week; honestly now im a little nervous because they are starting to ask me to do more days and im worried about pissing the boys from Phear off so we will see how it goes. To be fair everyone at Phear has been very supportive with me busting my ass getting another gig or two and have said to just make the most of my time here, so I’m trying to do just that.
Speaking of that I worked for Chris yesterday in some Penthouse apartment near midtown. This place was pretty awesome, outside garden 30,000 dinning room table very cool. We were shooting some fashion for Samsung and their new phone coming out in July that is supposed to rival the Iphone. I have included a couple pics from the cool apartment just to have a couple images with this post. Tomorrow I was asked to work for them again but from what I am told it will be mostly in the studio, so that will be a cool change of pace.
This weekend I shall be going to the Hamptons. I am going out with Phear and we are going to be shooting a pilot for a show about these rich women throwing this lavish tea party’s and inviting these important people to the party’s. Im looking forward to getting a taste of the REDICLOUS good life and who knows maybe I will run into the Olson twins or something lol. So expect to see some cool photos from that soon.
Other than that not much else really hoping to line up some people to come visit me and hang out. If not no biggie just having a great time here and looking forward to making some cash here soon.