Monday, June 2, 2008

Working hard

1. This photo was of Ground Zero, the location of the World Trade Center.

2. This was taken when I went and visited Central Park. A very cool place to hang out.

2. Finally this picture was when I made a visit to Times Square.

A couple new things over the last week. While I was in a store of my specific interest a little while back I got to talking with the guy siting at the counter. I talked to him about what I was doing in NYC and what i was hoping to accomplish and he seemed to be impressed; he then gave me then name and number of a buddy of his who is a fashion photographer in town. After calling him and telling him the same story i was invited to come to a shoot of his and help out. So on last Friday i went on this fashion shoot and did a bunch of production assistant work. by the end of the day i had a seconded internship for myself for the summer as they asked me to stay on. So that was some good news.

Over the weekend I did some touristy stuff. One of which was going to ground zero. Needless to say it was not really what I had expected. While down there the whole area had a very touristy feel to all of it. It was just a very weird feeling all together. Although I am glad I took the time to go pay respects, as I think everyone should do if and when they do go to NYC for the first time since the attack. I also went to mass on Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathedral which was awesome.

Other than that not much else going on just working and running around trying not to take any day for granted. Tonight you will find me at Off the Wagon the bar right next to my apt. cheering on the WINGS and watching them hoist Lord Stanley's cup.
New posts to come.