Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally!!!! ( NYC the first report)

1. This is a view from the top of the Empire State building, my dad and i went before he took off for home.

2. This is MacDougal street, the street with a ton of really cool bars, shops oh yea and my apartment!

3. this is 6 Av. the Avenue of Americas, Phear Creative where I work is located here

4. These are two of the girls who go to the high school where i am shooting.

5. This was taken at the high school during rehearsal for their senior fashion show.

Whelp I am finally in NYC; after a very long apartment searching process and a lot of work I am living and working a internship in the Big Apple. If you don't already know I am working for a company called Phear Creative. They are a sweet video production company off of 6 Av.
After a very long and excruciating apartment search I finally found a place with two other people off of Macdougal street. The neighborhood is awesome and there is soooo much of so many different things from bars, shops (good and bad), and food. I cant say enough about where I live it is such a cool area and a lot of fun. As far as the apartment goes I will say this, I was not to happy when I first walked in. My first thought was wow I am paying even more money to live in another fraternity house. But after some work cleaning and some homing it up and making I my own it will definitely get the job done. As far as the roommates go there is one guy and one girl who both work as makeup artists together. Masako is this little asian girl who is adorable but doesn't speak a lot of english (or at least to me) and Joey is this super nice guy whom i have not met in person yet due to he is in FL shooting the new Macy's catalogue. Oh and there is this little kitty meow named Moochie ( Japanese for ice-cream) walking around and craving attention.

The first couple of days of work were really cool. We were on a shoot at a speciality High School in NYC designed just for kids who want to go into Fashion and modeling. Apparently these kids apply to get in and once they do they go through their normal high school classes but have all these others that are specific for the fashion industry. Let me tell you once walking into this high school you can tell. Some of these kids look and dress better than any high school I have ever seen. The kids were super cool and very friendly. Brian (one of my bosses) and I had this conversation with one of them about sneakers. She had talked about how this school was so different than all others in NYC in how you will see someone wearing Jordans talking to some on in Converse. I couldn't believe it, how in many schools around NYC this doesn't happen. So for two days myself my three bosses (Brian who hired me, Elliot, and Casey " who is like RJ Burr's older brother its really freaky") Roy another young guy who works for Phear in post production and Mike a hired photographer, shot all of the pre performance stuff leading up to the show which goes on tonight and next Wednesday. Now we wont be there tonight but next Wednesday is the industry show where a lot of alumni small time and big time in the industry come and see the fashion show. It has a red carpet and everything. Another cool little thing that happened to me already is i will be shooting the red carpet event for publications and have a publicist with me. So thats awesome i broke into the industry on the 2nd say of working haha not really but its cool to think of. So during the shoot I shot video a bunch of stills, ran errands got kids for interviews and was your basic intern.

Well thats about all that has happened so far. I am thinking about doing some touristy stuff this weekend but above all else relaxing and simply walking around getting to know the city. I would love to hear from any one so give me a call or drop me a line and say hey. Thanks for reading more notes and pics to come.

These are some of the pics from the first shoots at the high school.