Monday, July 28, 2008

The greatest spectacle on TV ( and my favorite thing to watch on TV)

In my opinion football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, are all well and good. However in my opinion there is nothing truly like the spectacle that is the X Games! All my life I have just been fascinated with both the summer and winter competitions that showcase double back flips on a dirt-bike and 1260 rotations on skis. With the up and coming summer games this weekend I figured I would show some of what you might see if you care to watch one of the most entertaining things on television.

There are really two huge stories in the 2008 X Games preview. One the fact that Jake Brown (mega-ramp skateboarder competitor) who fell more than 45 feet to the ground ( see link below) will be competing in this years competition. This may not seem like a big deal until you watch a video if you have not already seen it.

Jake Brown video: (Catching up with Jake brown)

The next big story of the 2008 games is the extreme progression of motocross best trick. it truly seems that every year someone or some people show up to the competition with some outrageous trick. The bar was drastically raised with the introduction of the back flip ( yes a back flip on a dirt-bike). Then it became who had the better variation of backflip whether it had a grab or what not. Then just a couple of years since the backflip came to be the standard, out of no where Travis Pastrana comes out and lands a double back flip on a dirt-bike!!! Now this year there are a lot of rumors going on about new wild tricks people are hoping to throw down. Check the link below to get a sneak peek and some of the tricks you might be able to see in Moto X Best trick in 2008.

Whisper tricks: rumors in Moto X for 2008

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