Monday, July 28, 2008

The fat lady is warming up!

Whelp as it is said all good things must come to an end. Such is my time here in New York. Seven days and counting down and I have really begun to look back and reminisce of my time here. If you were to sit me down a year ago today ( most likely it would have been in Meijer as I sat in the back room contemplating just walking out of the store and not coming back just to see what would happen) and ask me where do you think you will be a year from now? I would have most likely responded to you with a laugh and response something close to working at a golf course or anywhere as long as it wasent "Meijer or Sylvan Lake Rec"- the two worst jobs I have EVER had. Any who I am very pleased and happy with my first round in the Big Apple. As i have been told " if you can make it there you can make it anywhere" if thats true than the sky's the limit for me because as I have seen I have done very well in the time I was given (especially compared to a LOT of people I have met out here).

What I have been up to over the last few weeks:

Well i have been working a ton lately, whether it is with Phear or Assisting with Chris it has been go go go. Phear has been pretty slow lately with me only shooting stills for a infomercial they were hired to do. They say they hate doing that kind of crap because there is not artistic way to do it but they say it pays the bills so win some lose some. Other than that i haven't done much with Phear other than a little post work in editing and errands.

However Chris has been the opposite, i have had several shoots with him over the last few weeks. To give you an idea what i do is when i started for him i was an intern. After just a couple of weeks they promoted me to 2nd assistant. and even more recently i had a shoot as first assistant. Basically the differences are, as second you assist the first and do a lot of the labor work, moving lights, making sure everything runs smoothly, and that the photographer has everything he needs. As first however you have a lot more control. You decide where the lights go the composition of the photo, you work closely with the photographer and digital tech. Also your main job is making sure everyone else is doing their job and the shoot is running smoothly. So basically AKA- I GOT TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO. ahaha less than 4 months in NYC and i was running a photo shoot, it was so cool. Don't get me wrong i was nervous as hell, but Chris said i did fine and he was extremely happy with how the shoot turned out especially since it was my first time being first. But other than that just a few other shoots here and there including one tomorrow. Also i have just been told i have a shoot with Phear for the Johnny Cash work we are doing on Thursday so that will be a great way to end the internship. The parental units with younger sibling in tow will be out here on Friday to pick me up. The plan is to enjoy a few days out here before heading back, so guess who is playing tour guide lol.

A cool note of interest i was contacted by Humble Bob who is in the Coney island photos below in the hot dog eating contest
(The one with the glasses) saying he found my blog and absolutely loved the photo and was wondering if he could use it on his blog. I was so excited not so much because he liked it but becaise some one outside of family and friends was checking out the blog and liked my stuff. So the photo is up there and he gives me some pretty good props on it so that was awesome thanks to him for asking and doing. Check out the photo on his website on the link below.

Humble BoB website

Aside from work i have pretty much just been hanging out and trying to enjoy myself as much as i can before leaving the city. going to different bars and restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, i was lucky enough to have my really good friends from D Chi at Central Mark Garland come out to NYC with his dad for a short stay out here. both him and i went to some of the best restaurants in the city with the Park Avenue Summer on Thursday night and Nobu on Friday night. Two amazing nights that i was so fortunate to have and a great way to get sent off in my last weekend on my own in the big City. As far as everything else goes i have pretty much accomplished everything i have wanted to do through my tenure here, which is super gratifying. So with one week left to go in the Big City all i care about is wrapping up work tying down some contacts and making sure the family has a good time. I have thrown some pics up from various places i have been going and different things i have been doing. So enjoy and i will see you all soon, and thanks for keeping up with the blog!

Note: most of the phots were just for fun from a point and shoot dont judge lol.

My buddy Kevin and I outside McSorley's bar. A straight Irish bar that happens to be the oldest bar in all of NYC. You walk into this place and can just feel the history there its sooooo cool.

Saw these guys out by Harlem somewhere. They were pretty nice. haha

"Hello dum dum!" he was soo cool.

MOre to come

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