Friday, June 20, 2008

Little time to think

So since I have not been doing the best with posting new stuff while I’m here in NYC, I am making up for it and doing two in one day.

Well here I am mostly thru June and my time in NYC is flying by. I have learned a lot: photography, lighting, video, and mostly the business end of the media world. Coming out here truly has been so far amazing. One of my major goals for the summer was not do all and see all I could while I was here. What would kill me would be coming back to Michigan and feeling a sense of regret like I could have done more. Now I know I’m not going to do something crazy interesting every day but I have really been pushing myself to when I get some free time on the weekends or after work to not just sit on my butt and watch TV but to get up and go for a walk or a run in Central Park for examples. Recently I have done several things; I have gone to Coney Island, the Met art museum, and even a really swanky nightclub. Moving into the end of June and into July I have some amazing things on the horizon to look forward to. For one next week I will be attending a concert at an arena in Times Square with one of my best friends from CMU Peter. Both of us have been looking forward to this show for some time and should deal some good photos and stories. I can also look forward to some other guests coming in including friends from the old days in public school Kyle and Ed. Hopefully I will be getting a few more guests from the Maroon and Gold sector but prices for tickets and gas are high so the operative word is hope. As for this weekend not sure of the plans but hopefully I get some new pics to throw up. Continue reading towards another post and a couple photos.

This is on set in Time Mags personal studio. We were shooting some fashion stuff for someone, but i know it wasn't Time. Oh well it was cool and i got paid chicka chicka yeaaaa!

" Shoot The Freak": This stand on the boardwalk at Coney Island. You could pay different amounts of money for different amounts of paintballs to shoot at a live human target. HAHA I know right. Well anyone who knows me knows my paintball past so I was excited to see this. However I got a little less excited when I saw the prices and then saw the markers. I mean why would I pay for something that I used to do for free with my big brother Tom with both of us shooting at our little brother Alex Right? hahah ( Again anyone who knows my family can totally believe this.)

Ahh sit back and take it in. The B E A utiful beach at Coney Island. Plenty of litter and diapers off the ground to go around!!

You know how I do!!!!! No but seriously this is from my night out to the club. The other guy is Kevin whom I met through my friend Steph. whom I work with. These lovely Ladies were dancers at the club to i guess help make people want to dance. I didn't get it but they were nice to look at, sorry MOM people asked to see them!

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everyoneshero said...

HHAHAHAHA I just got a huge smile on my face when I read the paintball description. The astonishing part is that Alex was nieve enough to listen to us when we said "go run in between those two trees, then we will go after you" Oh so priceless. I suppose he is called Caveman for a reason. Thanks for making my day.